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Meet the Tasman Piñatex Bag!

Model with Tasman Pinatex bag in black worn as crossbody from front

The Tasman Piñatex Bag is the perfect bag for someone that loves a classic looking black crossbody or clutch and likes eco-friendly, vegan fashion. This simple, classic bag is made a little more playful and fun with the two tassel zipper pulls.  The strap is adjustable and removable which can quickly turn this crossbody into a clutch. It is large enough to carry your basic needs for a day out and can easily continue on for a night out.  

What makes it eco-friendly?

The body of the bag is made from Piñatex, a sustainable leather alternative.  The tassels and detachable crossbody strap are made from apple leather and the lining is made of 50% recycled plastic water bottles and 50% cotton.

Front product picture of Tasman Pinatex bag with white background.  Bag is a clutch or crossbody.

What is Piñatex and where does it come from?

Piñatex is a natural, sustainable textile made from the cellulose fibers of pineapple leaves.  The leaves are a byproduct of the pineapple industry that would otherwise be burned or left to rot.  Since these leaves are a byproduct of this industry, it takes no extra water or land to produce them.  The production of Piñatex also provides extra income for the pineapple farmers as there is now a demand for the otherwise unused leaves.  Piñatex is an innovative alternative to the polluting, synthetic materials and mass-produced leather used in much of the fashion industry.  

Apple Leather?

Apple leather is another material that is used as an alternative to animal leather.  It is made in an eco-friendly, non-toxic process using remains from harvesting apples (seeds, cores, and peels).  Apple leather has a similar look to animal leather, so it is a good alternative if you are looking for a leather look.  It is also great because it is lightweight, strong, breathable, UV resistant, 100% biodegradable and free of PU and PVC.  

Sadie & Daisy loves to provide customers with ethically sourced, unique bag options.  Stay tuned for more information about the eco-friendly materials used in these bags.

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