Handwoven Bags Supporting Education

Front of Kavya Clutch Black and Gray.  This clutch supports girls' education in India.  It is rectangular with zip closer and black leather tassels attached to zip closer.  The bag is made of woven cotton fabric with black and gray lines that make a chevron pattern.

The Half Moon Crossbody or clutch features a fabric that is handwoven with authentic traditional tribal motifs and is made by hundreds of tribal women in Nagaland, India using a “back-strap” loom.  The “back-strap” loom is tied around the weaver's waist and outstretched legs to hold tension. Historically these weavers have woven with bright colors, making patterns with geometric shapes to make sarongs declaring tribal allegiance.   

The Kavya Clutch is the perfect companion to hold all your everyday essentials.  The thick weave creates a strong fabric that holds up well to daily use.  This clutch features a thick cotton exterior that is handwoven by weavers in Panipat, India using a traditional Panipat jacquard loom.  The city of Panipat is referred to by many as “the city of weavers,” and is home to thousands of artisans. This pattern also uses hand-knotting and embroidery to make this beautiful pattern.  

Front of Half Moon Crossbody or clutch is handmade in India and supports girls’ education.  It is woven fabric with white and blue stripes and a blue rope strap the is removable.  The bag has a pink pom-pom bag charm and a blue tassel.

How do these bags help?

10% from the purchase of each bag goes to support programs that help to educate girls in India.  Educating these girls makes them more likely to live a healthier life, earn more money, and support their community.  This also helps these girls to avoid pre-teen pregnancy, childhood marriage, and domestic abuse.  

These programs fight gender inequality related to beliefs about girls in society and their place in the family structure that keep girls out of school.  This program uses many creative awareness campaigns, psychology skills, as well as local knowledge and experience to get girls to school. These programs also re-integrate school drop-outs due to childhood marriage and expected housework.  The programs for re-integration help the girls to obtain an academic literacy level that will allow them to rejoin school. The re-integration program also helps with other practical barriers, such as caring for newborn babies. The money from the purchase of these bags also goes toward supporting infrastructure as many of the schools are underfunded.  This includes building classrooms, sanitary facilities, and libraries. It also includes providing books and wages for teachers that can allow the school to add another teacher which directly affects enrollment.       

Both the Half Moon Crossbody and Kavya Clutches are now available for purchase! Click through for more information.

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