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Leather Box Bags!

Front of Tan/Yellow leather box bag on a wooden bench in the grass under a lime tree in a brown pot.  Rectangular shaped box bag with edges stitched together with a strip of leather on either end.  Top folds over with metal loop through top and leather strip through it to close the bag.  It comes with a detachable strap to be carried as a crossbody or clutch.

This rectangular box bag is a fun shape to carry as a crossbody or clutch.  You can also pack your makeup, toiletries or other small personal items in this box when traveling.  This bag is handmade in the USA with American sourced Hermann Oaks Leather.  

What is so great about Herman Oaks Leather?

Hermann Oaks Leather is vegetable tanned using tree bark tannins which are made by boiling the bark in water.  Limestone is used to remove hair on the hides. Oils from fish and other animals are also part of the process. This process of tanning leather is not only better for the environment, but the people processing the leather.

From the Herman Oaks website, “while we respect the views of those opposed to the harvesting of animals for food... the hide taken from the cattle is the wrapper, an item that has no value if not processed into leather.  Like a shipping box, it would be sent to the landfill if not for the tanning industry converting the hide into one of mankind's oldest and most widely used fabrics. Since the hide accounts for only 5% of the value of the steer, it has essentially no effect on the number of cattle raised for beef.  The price of hides has both doubled and halved over the years, with no change in the number of cattle grown or the supply of hides. This is why hides are termed a byproduct of the meat industry.”

Did you know?

Limestone is used to adjust the pH in drinking water and municipal waste.  It helps to neutralize the acidity (make the water less acidic) which helps to decrease erosion (break down) of the pipes carrying the water.  There are many other daily uses for limestone.

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