New Natural Rope Clutch

Front of Natural rope clutch being held by models hand in front of a white background.  Clutch is sewn from rope in folded taco shape with an opening in the top to put essentials.  Closed with large wooden bead and loop of rope.

This clutch adds a simple and classy look to any outfit and is perfect for your day to day or a fun summer getaway!  It easily fits your phone, keys, cards and a few other essentials. It has a 6.5" by 3" opening at the top that securely closes with a wooden bead.  The high-quality artistry that goes into making this clutch makes it strong and durable so that you can use it daily for years to come.  

This clutch is handmade in the USA with high-quality 100% natural cotton rope.  This means that the rope used for this clutch has no synthetic fillers that are added to other cotton ropes of lower quality.  The rope is also made in the USA and comes from a company in Ohio. The 100% cotton rope gives the bag a nice feel that is soft and naturally hypoallergenic.

Did you know?

  • 75% of American paper money is made of cotton
  • The first light bulb had a cotton filament
  • Cotton is stronger when it is wet

These Natural Rope Clutches are now available for purchase!

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  • Hi Krysta,
    Met you tonight at first Friday in White River Junction.
    Will you ever get the pink hair calf and fabric ? black back in style? I love that color combo and it would match an outfit I have. Love your purses!!!

    Janet Younnel

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