New Reclaimed Fire-Hose Collection!

Hand made red "Post Bag" purse/handbag made from reclaimed fire hose and parachute silk.  Two handles and zipper top with one interior zip pocket.  It comes with a long adjustable and removable strap to carry as a crossbody.  The bag is durable and water-resistant.  Shown from in hands of model.

We are excited to announce the arrival of the Fire-Hose Tote, Post Bag and Fire & Hide Clutches.  Sadie & Daisy is proud to be the first and only retailer to carry these bags in the US.  We wanted to make these bags available to you because they are not only exceptionally made and unique, but they are in line with the values that are most important to us at Sadie & Daisy.  

This collection of bags is handmade from reclaimed materials that would otherwise end up in landfills and they also support a great cause.  The Fire-Hose Tote and Post Bags are made from reclaimed fire hose that has been decommissioned after being used to fight fires for up to 25 years in England.  Since these fire hoses are so durable and have such great color, they make amazing bags. The lining inside these bags is made from reclaimed parachute silk that is rip-stop nylon.  This nylon has some very small flaws in it that keep it from being able to be used for parachutes, but the flaws are so small and unnoticeable that the material is perfect for lining bags.  Elvis & Kresse is the amazing company that reclaims these raw materials headed for the landfill and brings new life to them as luxury items you can feel great about purchasing!

The Fire & Hide Clutches are made with decommissioned fire hose, rescued Burberry leather and reclaimed parachute silk.  The leather used in these bags is called rescued leather because it is leather that is cut off as part of cutting out the patterns in the process of making luxury leather items such as handbags.  This is similar to how, when making cut out cookies, you end up with extra dough on the sides, but in the case of leather, you can not stick it back together to be rolled out and used again... or can you?  Elvis & Kresse have partnered with the Burberry Foundation and found a unique way to hand weave these leather offcuts together to create a new larger piece of leather that they use to make their sustainable luxury bags.  This helps to put a small dent in the estimated global 800,000 tons of leather that go to waste each year. On top of all the good work being done to make these amazing sustainable bags, 50% of the profits from these bags go to the Fire Fighters Charity.

The Fire Hose Tote, Post Bag, and Fire & Hide Clutches are now available for purchase! Click through for more information. 

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