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Our Eco-Friendly Bag Options

At Sadie and Daisy, we are working hard to bring you unique, ethically sourced, eco-friendly bag options.  

We know you can find a way to argue that nothing is completely eco-friendly because of this or that, but we want you to know that we are working to bring you more eco-friendly bag options.  So, we thought it would be nice to highlight some of our bags and what makes them an eco-friendly option.

Front of handmade, red tote made from recycled/reclaimed fire hose and reclaimed parachute silk.  Shown from front standing up with handles up.  Had zip-top, durable, is water-resistant, and fits a laptop.   Perfect for work, carry-on or day bag.

The Fire Hose Tote and Post Bags

These luxury, handmade, eco-friendly bags are made from reclaimed materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.  The Fire-Hose Tote and Post Bags are made from reclaimed fire hose that has been decommissioned after being used to fight fires for up to 25 years.  The lining inside these bags is made from reclaimed parachute silk that is rip-stop nylon. This nylon has some tiny flaws in it that prevent it from being used as an actual parachute, but the flaws are so small and unnoticeable that the material is perfect for lining bags. 


Front of clutch with small strap down.  Rescued black leather bag woven together with sides and straps made from reclaimed fire-hose.  Zipper top closure.  Come with detachable and adjustable strap that allows bag to be used as shoulder bag.  Can also be used as clutch or wristlet with small strap that is detachable.

The Fire and Hide Clutches

These classy clutches make a great eco-friendly bag option because they are also handmade with decommissioned fire hose, rescued Burberry leather and reclaimed parachute silk.  The leather used in these bags is called rescued leather because it is leather that is cut off as part of cutting out the patterns in the process of making luxury leather items such as other handbags.  This is similar to how, when making cut out cookies, you end up with extra dough on the sides, but in the case of leather, you can not stick it back together to be rolled out and used again... but the artisans crafting the Fire and Hide clutches have figured out how to do it.  This helps to put a small dent in the estimated global 800,000 tons of leather that go to waste each year.  

Tasman Piñatex black crossbody or clutch shown from front with two tassels on zipper pulls

The Tasman Piñatex Bags

The body of the bag is made from Piñatex, a sustainable leather alternative made from the fiber in the leaves of Pineapples.  The leaves are a byproduct of the pineapple industry that would otherwise be burned or left to rot. Since these leaves are a byproduct of this industry, it takes no extra water or land to produce them.  Piñatex is an innovative alternative to the polluting, synthetic materials and mass-produced leather used in much of the fashion industry and makes a great eco-friendly bag option. The tassels and detachable crossbody strap are made from apple leather and the lining is made of 50% recycled plastic water bottles and 50% cotton.

Black apple leather purse with black tassels and zip closure.  Can be worn as crossbody or clutch with removable and adjustable strap.

The Tasman Apple Leather Bags

This eco-friendly bag option is made of apple leather.  Apple leather is a material that is used as an alternative to animal leather.  It is made in an eco-friendly, non-toxic process using remains from harvested apples (such as the seeds, cores, and peels).  Apple leather has a similar look to animal leather, so it is a good alternative if you are looking for a leather look.  It is also great because it is lightweight, strong, breathable, UV resistant, 100% biodegradable and free of PU and PVC.  Like the Tasman Piñatex bag, the lining of this bag is made of 50% recycled plastic water bottles and 50% cotton.

Peacock blue iridescent, vegan tote.  Front of tote with handles to be carried by hand or over the shoulder.  Has a thin strap of fabric that button from back to front to secure bag closed.  Sides handles are hand riveted together.

The Peacock tote, Small purses, Mobile bag, and Cat and Dog Coin Purses

This collection of eco-friendly bags are all made from a proprietary blend of nylon materials that make up an iridescent vegan leather we love.   Using 100% nylon material means that plastic-coated alternative leather materials such as PVC, PU, and vinyl are never used. Also, this amazing nylon material is made in a reduced-impact factory on the East Coast. This material is very durable and scratch resistance allowing these bags to used daily and stay looking new. 

Classic leather tote from front.  Honey-colored leather with front pocket and button closure

The Classic Leather Tote

Although this bag is made of leather, it made our eco-friendly bag list because it is made of second sourced, full-grain leather, eco-tanned and sourced from the East Coast.  Second sourced leather is sourced as a meat by-product and full-grain means the leather has not been sanded or buffed to remove the natural imperfections. The full-grain leather is the full thickness of the hide, allowing it to maintain its original strength and durability.  This results in a very long-lasting product. This leather being eco-tanned means that it is tanned in a much more eco-friendly fashion that uses natural ingredients and is free of many harmful chemicals used in other tanning processes.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about these bags so that you can make informed decisions about your shopping.  All of these bags are great, fashionable choices while also being responsibly produced.

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