Traveling to Sonoma with Sadie & Daisy: Part Four

Welcome to the fourth and final blog post on my travel to Sonoma.  If you missed our previous posts on Sonoma, check them out: part one, part two, and part three 

At the end of our trip, we headed out to the coast for a night.  Along the way, we made a quick stop in Healdsburg, where we did a little more tasting.  This time we had a French macaron with passion fruit filling at Moustache Baked Goods.  French macarons are not my normal treat of choice, however, this one was absolutely amazing.  

Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar Logo Label

We also made a quick stop at Noble Folk Ice Cream & Pie Bar on our way out of town.  This is a place to check out if you like gourmet ice cream with unique flavors.

Fire Hose Tote and Post Bag on bed at Timber Cove, CA

On the coast, we stayed at Timber Cove.  Let me just say that I am already trying to think of excuses to get back to this gem.  It is the perfect mix of a boutique hotel with a rustic, outdoorsy lodge vibe. The views are beautiful and the food and drink are top-notch.  When visiting Timber Cove, make sure to plan plenty of time to relax and sit by the fire or play one of the many games they have available. 

Post Bag on chair near fire pit at Timber Cove, CA on coast

After our night at Timber Cove, we took a little walk along the coast at Salt Point State Park.  Salt Point has 20 miles of hiking trails and an underwater reserve.  The coast there is decorated with amazing formations in the sandstone called tafoni.   

Coast of California North of SF with seal

Thank you for joining Sadie & Daisy on our quick summer tour of Sonoma.  If you made it this far reading about our adventures, I thank you for hanging in there.  I hope it helps you see a small portion of what there is to be explored in Sonoma County.  Don’t forget to check out Sadie & Daisy to purchase the bags I brought to Sonoma and many more!

Post bag in dried grass on California coast

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