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Traveling to Sonoma with Sadie & Daisy: Part One

Walking out of garden at Chateau St. Jean, Sonoma, CA.  Holding Post Bag.

This summer I got the chance to visit Sonoma, California, for a wedding.  Since I am the owner of a bag boutique, I thought it would be a great idea to take a few of my bags with me to get some epic Instagram worthy pictures.  

Side note: since starting Sadie & Daisy, I have had to force myself to take more planned pictures for Instagram posts.

Post Bag in front of vineyard rows at Ferrari-Carano

I was daydreaming about the perfect picture shoot with Sadie & Daisy bags in the beautiful vineyards of Sonoma.  As the travel date grew closer, I decided that traveling with a bunch of bags to take pictures with them would take up too much room and detract from my vacation time with my husband.  So, I decided to bring a few of my favorite bags that I use daily and are good for travel. For the wedding, I made sure to bring the Natural Rope Clutch, pictured below.   

When I travel, I like to have a trusty tote bag. In this case, I brought the Fire Hose Tote to carry my computer, chargers, water bottle, Kindle, extra layer, etc.  I also brought the Post Bag.  I love to travel with a larger purse because I like to have room for some extra essentials.  For me, this includes the Ebony Wristlet - if you are going away for a week, you never know when it might be good to have a small black wristlet/clutch that doubles as a crossbody.  So with these four bags in tow, we set off for Sonoma. Along the way, I snapped many quick pictures of my trusty bags by my side. Enjoy!

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